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This 45" wide unique non-woven, heat-activated fabric can be formed and shaped into fantastic permanent objects when exposed to steam, heat or dry heat. It remains full permeable and breathable following heat activation, making it a safe and easy-to-use "Buckram" replacement, without the mess.

FosshapeTM activates in the range of 212° - 265° F (100° - 130° C) with no long setting-up time and is easily painted or decorated with a variety of artisan coatings and paints.

FosshapeTM has superior strength and flexibility, yet is wonderfully lightweight and mildew resistant. You can produce headpieces, sub-structures, ornamental effects, masks, props and scenic materials.

FosshapeTM can be worked with a steam iron or costume steamer with or without molds. The level of stiffness is achieved by adjusting heat, time and pressure.  The material can be sewn and cuts with a knife or scissors. It bonds to itself and can be hot glued or stapled to paper, wood, cloth and WonderflexTM.


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