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A cotton cloth tape with a vinyl coating - works much like gaffer but has a shiny finish. Excellent for sealing ducts, wrapping cables, rug laying, etc., but may leave some residue on wood floors.

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In recent years, the popularity of duct tape has reached almost cult following status. Televised home improvement shows are attracting loyal followers, with several shows even appearing in prime time. The fans of these shows are enthusiastically embracing this hardware store staple as a multi purpose, fun to use addition to their tool boxes.

Duct tape was first called "duck tape" by the soldiers that originally used it. Invented in 1942 by Johnson and Johnson, this tape was designed to waterproof and seal cases for ammunition on the battlefields of World War II. The tape was made of fabric for strength, with a rubberized adhesive to make it water proof. Despite its strength, it can easily be ripped by hand. The soldiers called it "duck tape" because of its waterproof qualities.

Duct tape was popular with the soldiers on the front, and they quickly realized how useful the tape could be. Duct tape held military equipment vehicles, weapons and equipment together all over Europe and the other battlefields of the war.

Duct tape became a popular product at home as well, and was used extensively in the post war housing boom. The name became duct tape as a reference to its most common use in heating and air conditioning duct work. Interestingly, most municipalities prohibit professional use of the tape in heating and air conditioning systems today.

Duct tape has been used for almost everything imaginable, from creating fashion items to repairing the Apollo 13's lunar module in space.

Duct tape is a home improvement superstar for millions, and its uses are as limitless as the ingenuity of its fans!