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It is a fabric backed tape that can be torn by hand, but is also strong when in use. It comes in several colors, and has a lower adhesive than some other types of tape. It can be removed easily and doesn't leave residue behind.

Gaffers tape got its name from the head of the lighting department in a film, television or stage crew, the gaffer. One of the most common uses for this tape is covering cables and electrical cords and securing them to the floor so that actors and crew don't trip on them.

Lighting is an important part of any production. Since it is strong, gaffers tape can be used to secure lighting fixtures and accessories as well. Since it is removable, it won't damage the fixtures or the stage. Since it comes in different colors, it can be used to secure and accent sets and stage decoration as well, without being too noticeable. Many framers also use gaffer tape in framing artwork.

Gaffers often carry several different rolls of gaffer tape with them, to be ready for almost any request. Gaffer tape is one of the unsung heroes of the entertainment industry!!!

$39.95 per roll, flourescent colors $1 more