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Glow in the dark products have come a long way since their inception. The newest glow tapes have greatly improved, with new technology that makes them glow longer on a shorter light charge. Glow tape has many uses, both indoor and outdoor.

Using glow tape to mark evacuation pathways, emergency equipment and emergency exit doors can quickly and inexpensively update your buildings safety preparations. In case of emergency, your employees need to be able to leave the building quickly and safely, even without electricity. Today’s glow tapes are brighter and produce light longer than their predecessors. Even in the dark, your employees can follow these easy to install markings to safety.

Glow tape is also great for marking light switches, equipment and instruments routinely used in low light situations. These tapes don’t interfere with operating the equipment, but make locating vital switches and controls easy and safe.

One of the latest developments in the tape industry is non-skid glow in the dark tape. Many meet Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and can be applied to many surfaces, making it ideal for stairways, steps and corner markings.

Glow tape is also great for outdoor enthusiasts. It can be easily applied to boats, camping equipment, the edge of docks, and fences and sidewalks. Glow tape is also great for bicycle safety markings, on helmets, snowmobiles and motorcycle equipment.

Today’s glow tape is enjoying new popularity, as people find more and more uses for this versatile material.